Non-toxic Bathroom Cleaners

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When it comes to the food we eat, most of us are already aware of the harmful effects of chemicals such as pesticides, additives and preservatives. We know that ingesting those harmful chemicals and toxins can be harmful to our health. And we try to avoid it as much as possible.

Non-toxic Bathroom Cleaners

Non-toxic Bathroom Cleaners

We are also starting to become more aware of the chemicals that are also incorporated into beauty and skin care products. Since our skin is our largest organ, we know that what we put on our skin is absorbed and into our blood. So again, try to avoid those chemicals whenever possible.

Bathroom Cleaner 32 Oz

Our house? Do we consider the harsh and toxic chemicals we use to clean our counters, wash our dishes, clean our clothes, use on our floors, etc.? I would say that for many of us, the answer is no.

Fortunately, there are TONS of options for non-toxic cleaning products. And also in all categories! So today I’m rounding up some of the best non-toxic cleaning products and sharing some of my favorites (including the ones I use in my home). Even if you switch one of the products you use to one of these non-toxic options, my heart will be so happy!

NOTE: This post has been updated from the original post and all products have been approved through EWG

All purpose cleaners are like this: they are used on most surfaces. This means that you will probably use these cleaners on surfaces that are used frequently, such as counters, tables, handles, and other things that you touch all the time. If you use traditional cleaning products, you’re not only on your hands, they’re probably eating you too.

The Best Non Toxic Cleaning Products For Your Home The Healthy Maven

I think this is the easiest change since there are so many great options. The best non-toxic multi-purpose cleaners I’ve found include:

The next category I want to share is disinfectant wipes. I use these constantly in my kitchen to clean counters, so it’s one of those things that almost always gets into my food. I have a few different options for non-toxic wipes, but I also include some non-toxic disinfectant wipes and some non-toxic wipes (for your computer or cell phone).

The kitchen is where we prepare our food, so even if we eat super clean organic food, if we clean it with toxic chemicals, we deny it. If you think about all the things you use in your kitchen to clean, you’ll quickly see where the chemicals accumulate. It’s not just our counters, it’s the soap we use to clean our drawers, pans and cutting boards, it’s the detergent we use to clean all our dishes and plates.

Each of these things touches our food and therefore transfers its chemicals into our bodies. It gives you a pretty big list of non-toxic kitchen cleaners, so feel free to choose what makes sense for you:

The Best Fragrance Free Cleaning Products & Alternatives

This for me is a little less important because I am not necessarily ingesting things that touch my bathroom surface. But, you physically touch these surfaces, so this is another one of those areas to think about cleaning.

One of the things I thought about recently was the importance of a non-toxic toilet cleaner since Trevi sometimes drinks the fresh water from our toilet (yes, it’s gross, but it’s a reality for many pet owners) . I wanted to make sure I wasn’t ingesting any chemicals either, so I made the switch instantly.

In this list of non-toxic bathroom cleaners, we have bathroom and tile cleaners, as well as toilet cleaners:

! Think about it… wash the cloths, the towels, the sheets, the tea towels, the pillows. Almost everything you are constantly in contact with.

Disinfectant Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner

Unfortunately, this is not something many of us think about, but luckily there are non-toxic laundry options for all categories. We have detergents, bleaches, stain removers, fabric softeners and even non-toxic bleach.

Next, let’s talk about glass and mirror cleaning products. I’d say these are the lowest priority on the list because, frankly, I don’t use them much. I don’t have many mirrors in my apartment, and we don’t clean our windows (which is a construction thing), so I’ve had the same non-toxic glass cleaner for about 3 years.

And finally, we put our non-toxic cleaning post with a general category. These are the cleaning items that you may not use often, but you always have in your closet. Things like furniture cleaners, wood cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, drain cleaners, etc. All the things that we don’t think about, and maybe we don’t use often, but they can also be full of harmful chemicals.

Non-toxic Bathroom Cleaners

Go through your closet. If you have had something for more than 3 years, throw it away and get a new one. If not, wait until you finish the bottle of the stuff you have and replace it with the non-toxic version.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products You Should Use Asap

It’s always my goal to help you become healthier in all areas of your life, so I hope you can make some changes at home that will have a big impact on your overall health. Also, just a reminder that you don’t have to make the change all at once. I would suggest doing an audit of what you have and determining what you want to change first.

Otherwise, you can take it a little slower and change while using the older ones.

So I’d love to hear from you: do you use any of these products at home? Is there a brand that I can miss? Let me know in the comments! You’re $39 away from free shipping. Shipping is free on orders over $39 in the contiguous United States and to APO/FPO/DPO addresses. Orders under $39 in the contiguous United States have a flat shipping rate of $5. Flat rate shipping outside the contiguous United States is $10 (Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories and Canada). !

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably looking for ways to clean your bathroom without bleach.

Greenworx Bathroom Cleaner 5 Ltr

They exist and can be just as effective at cleaning and disinfecting and even better than bleach at eradicating mold.

In this article, you will learn the most effective ways to clean, disinfect and disinfect your bathroom naturally, without bleach.

We’ll also discuss the top 11 reasons to avoid using bleach when cleaning bathrooms or any other feature in your home.

Non-toxic Bathroom Cleaners

Chlorine bleach, also known as sodium hypochlorite, is considered a poisonous and dangerous substance. Therefore, it is one of the most toxic bathroom cleaning products.

Natural Bathroom Cleaning Kit

If that gives you pause, here are 11 good reasons to avoid using bleach to clean your bathrooms…or any other area in your home, office, school, car, etc.

This is not a complete list of why chlorine bleach and its derivatives are toxic. However, it shows that bleach is a dangerous toxin that, in our opinion, has no place in a healthy home.

If you’ve read articles on this topic before, you’ll see that our approach to the best bleach-free bathroom cleaners is a little different.

We formulated Branch Basics Concentrate as an all-in-one, non-toxic product capable of replacing all types of chemical cleaners…including bleach-based bathroom cleaners.

Truly Free Refillable Non Toxic Bathroom Cleaner (2 Pack); Cleaning Spray For Bathroom, Toilet, Sink, Tub, Shower; Includes: Empty 16 Oz Bottle, 2 Refills (makes 16 Oz Each)

Note: Although the ingredients in Oxygen Boost are rated “1” by EWG Skin Deep, there are some precautions for use. Since it is a powder, you must always be careful to avoid breathing the particles to avoid irritation of the nose and eyes. Also, prolonged skin contact with sodium percarbonate is not recommended. Gloves may be required for some cleaning applications.

For more on Branch Basics for bleach-free bathroom cleaning, see: Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaning with Branch Basics.

Important note: Vinegar contains acetic acid which is an irritant. When vinegar is used in a spray bottle, the acetic acid becomes an irritant to the eyes and lungs. Be sure to avoid breathing fumes and provide good ventilation to quickly remove the acetic acid from the air. Do not allow the elderly, children, children or chronic patients to be present when using vinegar as a spray.

Non-toxic Bathroom Cleaners

Although not toxic, vinegar and peroxide can create noxious and irritating fumes when mixed and stored together. Therefore, it should be stored and used in separate bottles. We like to attach a box sprayer directly to our hydrogen peroxide bottles (3% in the brown bottle) and then designate a spray bottle for the vinegar.

How To Make The Best Non Toxic Natural Bathroom Cleaners

Disinfection note: It is recommended to use disinfectants and disinfectants little to prevent the spread of superbugs. Sanitize only after first killing the germs with a soap like Branch Basics. See why excessive sanitization is bad for our health to learn more.

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3% hydrogen peroxide (the one in the brown bottle) is one of the best bleach alternatives for bathrooms (and more) because

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