Green Bathroom Renovation Tips

  • Whatsapp – I knew I wanted to play with bright pink and peach in the bedroom, but add something new. awesome!! Oh man, am I facing a dark shade of green bathroom tile. I love the boldness of it and the way it looks from your bedroom.

Green Bathroom Renovation Tips

Green Bathroom Renovation Tips

I’ll go into more detail below and share some gray bathroom ideas and inspiration, but first let’s take a look at how this room started.

Our Dark Green Bathroom, Makeover Reveal

Below you can see how the bathroom looked before we renovated it. It was a very old, famous builder’s bathroom.

Just like the kitchen, the best way to save money on a bathroom remodel is to keep all the plumbing in place, which is what we did here. We kept the same look but made some changes inside. First, we decided to replace the tub/shower combo for a larger shower.

Since we have to consider the resale value of this house, we will be able to put a bathtub in the “kids” bathroom when we do the renovation, because having a bathroom in your home is very important. Second, we decided to add another sink because we had room for it. You can read more about our dream for this bathroom here.

I always like to zero in on one big thing in the first room. It gives me a good starting point to create my design, rather than picking 10 different things I like at once and trying to put them together. (P.s. I’m working on writing about my designs, many of you have asked! So stay tuned!)

Small Bathroom Ideas & Make It Look Bigger

I have been interested in Zellige tiles for a long time. Have you heard about it? They are handmade terracotta tiles in Morocco and the colors are bright and vibrant. What I love most about Zelji is how different and imperfect it is, unlike the tiles you see today.

Each tile is unique and is made “grouted” or ungrouted. We went with the Secret Lagoon color from Clé tile and I was officially hooked when I saw it in our space. You can see all the amazing gggg models they have to offer here.

Now, I nailed the hexagon tiles, also from Clé Tile, when we first bought the house. I wasn’t sure if or when I would use it but I really like it. When I fell in love with the idea of ​​a green bathroom with green bathroom tiles and half a wall, I turned back to it and loved how it contrasted with the bold color. The tiles were the first thing we chose for the room and everything else revolved around them.

Green Bathroom Renovation Tips

I have a few questions about the grout used in this bathroom. Here is what we used to make the ground:

Bold Ideas For A Small Bathroom Remodel

I have attached the above just to show the color. You will need to discuss with your tiler whether sand or grout is right for your project, application and tile design.

After that, I found a vanity that I wanted that was wooden and simple, but still works for storage. It was perfect, although we lost a few legs due to our low ceiling and the depth of our boat. Speaking of the neck….hey drowned!

It is a bathtub made by the Node Company. It’s always fun to take something that’s usually static in a room and make it stand out and do just that! I told Jeff that I would probably dig them out of the rock and take them with me whenever we moved one day. 😉

This bathroom didn’t have a source of natural light when we started! (On the “next” pictures a small window went into the modern room) Obviously we want to change it. Since we had to account for the vanity and mirror, we couldn’t add large windows, so we added four small sources of natural light.

Modern Traditional Historic Bathroom Renovation Reveal And Cost! One Room Challenge Week 6 / Create / Enjoy

We added two small windows, one above the toilet and one tall narrow one in the bathroom. We then added two Velux sun tunnels, one on the far side of the bathroom and one in the bathroom. They are solar tubes so they work well in small rooms (only 10 inches in diameter) and add a lot of light because the tunnel is light aluminum. I think adding natural light to this area was a huge game changer in the room.

Storage in the bathroom is key! The original design had these deep shelves that we decided to keep. Since they are very dark, we use the back half to store towels and in front of them, I added these big baskets. It’s perfect for storing lots of things like extra toilet paper, tampons, tissues and bath products.

In the vanity, we keep all our essentials like makeup, toothpaste, shaving products, hair dryer etc. They are easier to organize than cabinets. We lined every cabinet and drawer with acrylic storage containers from The Container Store and so far, they’ve been clean!

Green Bathroom Renovation Tips

Then we added a towel rack to hold the towel. Using a towel rack instead of a towel rack allows you to use the extra space that you have. If we had placed a towel on the wall, the rest would have been empty, but the staircase draws your eye to the plant hanging above the floor.

White Master Bathroom Ideas

A simple change we made was to surround the wall between the vanity and the shower. Our house was built in the 1930s and many of the rooms have wonderful rounded corners and we wanted to bring some of that into the bathroom, which was a later addition and doesn’t have the same character. So we had our construction team around the wall a little bit and it makes a big difference when you see it in real life. Now the object seems to have been considered instead of the fragment that was needed to separate the two places.

The bathroom is a great place to add a beautiful sconce, whether it’s between your mirrors, next to them or above them. We worked with Sazerac Stitches (who made the Arlo Light!) It really complements the wall and provides a more subtle lighting solution than what we have.

Like any room, art can complete the bathroom! We saw this painting by my friend Justina and it looks like she made it just for this bathroom, the colors are so beautiful! We went with the larger size and it fits the other half of the room.

Plants should not be forgotten when it comes to the bathroom. Since we had natural light, we were able to move the hanging plant into the air and it is doing well under the sun tunnel! In addition, it draws a very green from the tiles in the room.

Wanted To Share Our Bathroom Renovation! I Hired It Out But Did My Own Design And Feel Very Proud. Love This Space!

And, of course, an old carpet. This was the last piece I did for the pink and green bathroom and it was difficult because we had specific colors. I usually start a room with a rug for practical reasons, but I like that this tile brings out the terra cotta color and has more texture in contrast. Placing a rug in front of your vanity keeps it in place, and it also feels good under your feet. =)

I think I start each house with “Finally!” But the truth is, I take my time for a reason! I don’t like to settle

More when it reaches our house. Many people say “just pick something and you can change it later!” But my brain doesn’t work like that. I search until I find the perfect piece, or one that has meaning behind it or that a friend has made. And I hope it shows!

Green Bathroom Renovation Tips

*These items were generously donated to be featured on the blog. Thank you for the support of our sponsors and partners who support us. All opinions are my own.

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