All-natural Bathroom Fragrances

  • Whatsapp – Do you ever feel like your bathroom smells less than fresh? There are a number of reasons why this can happen, and I have a number of tricks that will get rid of this issue once and for all. Whether the problem is caused by the boy’s errant flushes, growth in the tank, or something else, I’m teaming up with 2000 flushes to share these quick and easy tips that will have your toilets clean (and nice) in minutes. smell!). .

It’s amazing what you learn from being around your friends for an hour with margaritas. One of the best tips I ever received was when a friend of the ‘boy’s mom’ was complaining about how bad her bathroom smelled unless she cleaned the bathroom and floors. Another mom of (multiple) boys chimed in with this great quote: Wash the walls!

All-natural Bathroom Fragrances

All-natural Bathroom Fragrances

That’s right. the walls You might think you’re picking up the ant when you’re cleaning the floor and grout, but if you have a family of boys it’s amazing how much they’ll mark it as their territory (kindly). When you wash the floors, wash the surrounding walls too, the smell will be gone!

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Well, I can’t diagnose your problem for sure, but I can share our home situation and how we solved it. For example, the good news is that my kids are very aware and don’t flush when they use the bathroom in the middle of the night so as not to wake anyone up. The bad news is that in the middle of the night they don’t roll. This leads to a beautiful view in the morning. In addition, it helps to grow in our bathroom. To fix this, I used the 2000 flush automatic toilet bowl cleaner to clean when I couldn’t (ie midnight).

The tablets sit in the tank and not only do they clean with every flush and kill bacteria in the tank, they won’t harm bathroom fixtures and plumbing when used as directed. Even if you don’t have wingless, there may be an odor coming from the tank and this product will clean it immediately.

I shared this in a post a few weeks ago, but it bears repeating: let it dry between the rim and the seat! This way you won’t get it wet, which will cause water to remain on your toilet brush.

Easy – add your favorite essential oils to a brick diffuser and turn the reeds in a few days. You won’t need to hide the smell if you use the tips above, but it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile and make the room smell nice.

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What’s the best “mom tip” you’ve learned from your friends? Tell me in the comments!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of 2000 Flash and the WD40 brand. All opinions, as always, are my own. Blythe Copeland is a contributing writer with over a decade of experience as a freelance biographer.

In an ideal world, the smell that occurs in the bathroom stays in the bathroom – but in reality, you need to deal with some particularly unpleasant odors before they reach the rest of your home. Air fresheners and harsh room sprays often claim to be able to combat any odor, but essential oil-based options—such as potpourri, room sprays, and oil diffusers—can freshen up your bathroom naturally. The process creates the same as using it.

All-natural Bathroom Fragrances

“Air fresheners often use ingredients like aerosols, phthalates, and preservatives that aren’t safe to inhale,” says Sophia Cheuka of Po-Puri, a spray formulated with essential oils. “Natural products are safe for our bodies, homes and environment.” Puneet Nanda, founder of the Guru Nanda line of essential oils, explains that plant-based fragrances are naturally metabolized in the body, so reactions are less likely. “In contrast, any time you use a really harsh chemical,” he says, “your body [may] perceive it [as an irritant].”

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If putting out a potpourri plate reminds you of your aunt’s guest bath circa 1992, upgrade to handmade, artisan-quality products made with dried flowers, spices and essential oils. Popular ingredients include rose, geranium and lily of the valley; cinnamon and bark; floral scented oils; And combined with dried berries and hints of green, the mixture creates a colorful blend of aromas that can help mask other odors.

As for your other options? Popular essential oil-based fragrance fresheners include red diffusers and room fresheners. A reed diffuser consists of two elements – an essential oil container and a set of thin reeds that diffuse the oil and disperse it into the air. In addition to helping to mask unpleasant odors, diffusers also offer aromatherapy benefits: choose lavender or chamomile to relax or lemon or orange to brighten your mood. You can also buy room sprays in a variety of custom blends, or make your own by mixing water, your favorite essential oil, witch hazel, and dried flowers in a spray bottle. While you can choose any combination of oils in the bathroom, some are kinder than others. “In your guest bathroom, we recommend using fresh scents, like real lemon

Chiocca says, “Because this fragrance pleases everyone’s nose.” And if you are looking for natural air freshener? Consider some of our top picks below.

Christian Torto’s Forest Potpourri’s rich and fresh aroma comes from pine needles and resin, complemented by Virginia cedar, moss and freshly cut grass.

Natural Bathroom Cleaner With Microfiber Cloth

Montreal-based Dot & Lil Clark & ​​James Heritage Spray—designed to be used as a room or fabric spray—offers a deep, sophisticated scent with “notes of water, woods, soft musk and orange blossom.”

This bright and powerful room fragrance uses three main essential oils – neroli, derived from black orange blossom, bergamot and frankincense.

A beautiful frosted glass jar holds eight heads that soak and release a beach-inspired blend of sea salt, grapefruit, tarragon, and black pepper.

All-natural Bathroom Fragrances

Spritz Poo-Pourri into the bathroom before use and the essential oils eliminate odor at its source – rather than masking it – leaving your room smelling of lemon, bergamot and lemongrass.

Luxury Body Wash & Shower Gel

This handcrafted potpourri brings whiskey, tobacco and rose – just a few of the more than 18 different oils used in the production.

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